Our People

Anmol Group was formed with an aim of delivering cutting edge solutions for modern businesses through fastidious planning and attention to technology, thus driving your business to the path of success. Each and every face in our team represents the spirit of our company: committed, driven and aware of how limitless our potential is to grow. Each person in our team has been meticulously selected for their qualifications, skills, talent, and experience because we recognize our primary asset is people, hence go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse skills to produce not just a robust workforce, but a talented, complementary and well-rounded team.

Unlike others in the industry, our teams of exceptional individuals work closely with the clients to get the best on the table. We provide every possible opportunity and encouragement to help our team teach its potential. As a full service group, we are a one-stop solution for all your business development and infrastructure requirements.


We are a group with clarity of focus. Our vision is to be a dynamic name, providing superior quality through constant pursuit o excellence and we’d love to have you in a team if you’ve got the spark.

We Have Ability to Deliver Everything the Community Needs

The Anmol name symbolises something that’s priceless, developed with hard-work, creativity, innovation, befitting for a group that harnesses the culture tackling the most complex projects beautifully. The group began its journey 40 years back with an innovative idea that turned the dreams of various clients into reality by helping them in business development, financial management and more. The greatest competitive advantage of Anmol Group is the expertise and passion of our people, who are always motivated to achieve the elements of success to build structures that leave a lasting impression for our clients, the society and the community.

Through the strength and expertise of our people, Anmol Group has sustained its business success of providing complex infrastructure projects across the globe. Today, we are trusted to overcome obstacles and turn the most complex ideas into reality, which is tested and admired by our clients who now span a broad range of industry sector in more than 20 countries with one thing in common: the desire to continuously grow their businesses or organisations.