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Health & Safety ?

At ANMOL GROUP, the safety of our employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate are our first priority and integral to how we do business. As a decentralized company, operational responsibility for health and safety occurs at business unit level. However, health and safety is not just an operational issue. Since 2005, we have developed requirements that balance the strategic importance of health and safe work place with the benefit of operational control by business units.


Picture Whilst success is not all attributable to just having a sharp acumen and good management, we firmly believe & promote it is our community that contributes a great deal by becoming our clientele hence we like to Thank by contributing back through this charitable foundation. Envisioned to be transparent, dynamic foundation where everyone who is part of ANMOL GROUP is mandatorily expected to contribute whether its their time or money, but no one in return is ever expected to generate a remuneration apart from those of blessings of the people they assist along the way.


Efficient Land Use

ANMOL GROUP acknowledges the sensitivity of the natural environment and is committed to managing its land use in a responsible manner.

Efficient Water Use

ANMOL GROUP recognises the scarcity of water and the need to be efficient in its use. As a result, we are progressively promoting water recycling and saving of water to our customers including discipline within our operations.

Waste Minimisation

ANMOL GROUP is continually seeking ways to reduce its environmental footprint and minimise waste across all our processes, services and workplaces.