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Amnol Group – The Leader In Construction Industry

Any city in the world attains the title of ‘world-class city’ on the basis of advanced infrastructure, the quality of living and more. While many things make a place look beautiful, but what plays the major role is the infrastructure and when it comes to looking for the right construction company, there’s only one name that stands atop the list of leading construction companies – Anmol Group.

This is a team of some specially blessed minds that put their best efforts to bring on the table something amazing and unique for the clients in budget, without compromising with the quality at all. Established in year 1971 with an aim of delivering quality infrastructure solutions to clients, the company has successfully made its way to the top of construction industry and enjoys its reach to different countries around the globe.

Since the beginning of their journey in the construction industry, the company has shaped remarkable spaces where their client’s vision become reality and have successfully earned them great reputation.

Anmol Group has completed more than 50 projects around the world covering millions of square feet of area. Their expertise across diverse infrastructure domains is evident through successful completion of various projects that cover the followings:

* Residential constructions – Townships, high rise buildings, villas and more.
* Industrial constructions – Cold storages, factories, heavy engineering, warehouse facilities and processing units, etc.
* Commercial & institutional constructions – Office complexes, IT parks, hospitals, schools, hotels, etc.
* Road constructions – Landscaping, paving, earthwork, electrification, drainage and more.

The company is based on a sole aim – exceeding clients’ expectations by delivering quality results and achieving global benchmarks for transparency and integrity. And they have quite been successful at what they claim to deliver. It is based on a commitment to sustainable development, environment protection forms that form the genesis of their culture.

The company is headquartered in Auckland, and has its branches located around the world. And this is the reason that believing in the Anmol Group is easier because they’re always available whenever you need them.